Hinoki counter

Hinoki counter

The counter is about to open its doors to a new Japanese restaurant in Manhattan.


These counters are L6700mm x 3300×W610mm xT53mm Japanese Yoshino Hinoki.
We buy raw wood, dry it for a long time, and commercialize it.

The fluorine coating has a very natural look and does not take away from the quality of the cypress.

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Hi My name is Gilbert, I’m from Singapore. Recently I’m doing a Japanese Omakase Restaurant which required Hinoki solid wood for the counter, the length is about 5650mm x 3000mm (Thickness can you do 5mm to 10mm). Kindly let me know and we can discuss about more details and the cost. Alternatively you can help to ship over the raw wood and we can do the production locally. Hope to hear from you.

Gilbert Chan

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