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HINOKI Large cutting board (Japanese Cypress)No,H-106

HINOKI Large cutting board (Japanese Cypress)No,H-106

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Japanese cypress HINOKI wooden silk finished Lasrge cutting board from Yoshino JAPAN.(NO KNOT,NO JOINT)

There is a small knot on the bottom.
All are handmade solid wood.

The photo has not been finalized.
After placing your order, it will take 3-5 business days for the product to be shipped.

The board in the photo is the actual product.

The current size
W800mmxD470mmxT40mm (31.5’×18.5’×1.5’)
Weight 9500g

A high-quality cutting board made from Japanese Hinoki.
We made HINOKI from 100% natural materials in a free state.
That's why all boards have different sizes.
In order to bring out the charm of the material, it is a free shape rather than a fixed size.
Hinoki solid wood cutting board is no joint, no knot (top).
The finish is a silk finish that feels like silk and is unpainted.
It is a popular item with many repeat customers.
We also accept custom orders, so please contact us.

How about a cutting board that matches your kitchen?
These items are all in my atelier, purchasing, drying, making and selling wood.
Please contact us if you would like other sizes and materials.

※Fine cracks and warping may occur depending on the usage environment.


Cypress solid wood
Hinoki is a type of Japanese cypress wood that has long been used in Japan for its beauty, durability, and delicate, natural fragrance. It is a tree whose strength continues to increase for 200 years after being felled. Hinoki offers natural antibacterial properties, dries quickly, and has a light, citrusy scent.

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