About us

The HANABUSA (Tsuji wood technical) online shop sells a wide range of products, from kitchen tools (Hanabusa and Critical Object) mainly made of cypress to Japanese counters, furniture, interior decorations, and Shirasaya.
We are especially focused on custom orders, so please feel free to contact us.
In addition, in the home country (Japan), we are engaged in wooden construction and custom-ordered furniture.


It is also sold on eBay etc. at the same time, so please take a look.

  We have received a lot of positive feedback.



■Representative Director EIJI TSUJI (Tsuji wood technical)

Born and raised in Osaka, Japan, he has been presenting his own art since he was a child. He studied design and architecture, and is self-taught. A craftsman who always aims to make things that have evolved through his own efforts and turns dreams and hopes into reality.