How to order a custom order.

Please let us know what products you would like (cutting boards, knife stand counters, furniture, etc.).
At that time, if you have a specific size or type of material, please let us know.  

Here is an example of a custom order for a cutting board.

C: Customer      S: Shop

① C:  A Hinoki cutting board with a size of         W510mm×D380mm×T51mm (W20'×D15'×T2')
4 corners must be rounded, handles must be on both sides, and grooves must be processed on the back.

② S:  Send a picture of the material used for the actual item and the total amount.
The amount is ◯◯◯ dollars including the international shipping fee to the United States.
"Would you like to make a list of products with this material?"

③ C:  Yes, please proceed. (I will sell the product.)
(If no, I will send another photo of another material.)


④ S:  We will send an e-mail to guide you to the listing of the product. (Please remove from spam mail.)


⑤ C:  Purchase from the exhibition page, settlement of accounts.


⑥ S:  A purchase confirmation email will be sent.

"Production will begin."
A cutting board can usually be produced in 3 to 7 business days.
(It is also possible to send photos during production, so please let us know.)


⑦ S:  We will inform you of the tracking number at the time of shipment.
(Usually we use DHL Express. Delivery takes 3-7 days to the US, Canada, Europe and Australia.)