■Olmec F11TS

It is a machine that can perform dozens of connection processes such as dovetail joints by exchanging blades.

Processing up to a maximum width of 750 mm is possible with NC control.

Used for connecting cabinets and connecting boxes such as drawers.




 ■DMG MORI  Terning center NLX2500/700

Conventionally, it is a machine for metal processing, but we process wood with this machine.
Although the size of the workpiece is limited, it is an indispensable processing machine for items that combine multiple parts.

Accuracy is of course 1/100 or better.
The speed is about 20 to 30 times faster than manual processing.

Everything is started programmatically, but manual input is also possible.






It is the world's highest mountain slide saw made in Germany.

Positioning, angle, depth, etc. are all NC-controlled to support any processing.

Not only for cutting, but also for various programming.

After using this famous machine, the degree of freedom and variation in processing has increased.

After all, it is a machine whose processing speed and accuracy are incomparable to other slide saws.



 ■KUWAHARA Surface Plate Fixed Automatic Plane 620

The Kuwahara, which has outstanding performance among domestic machines...

The surface plate is fixed at a fixed height.

We ordered a machine that can cut up to W620mm x H400mm.

Positioning speed etc. are all microcomputer controlled with auto-return specifications.



 ■KUWAHARA hand planer 620

The Kuwahara is by far the best among domestically produced machines...

We ordered a machine that can cut up to 620mm.

It has an old-fashioned analog and simple structure, but it is also a machine used in the first process when processing wood.

Although it has a simple structure, it is the most delicate machine.



 ■FELDER 45profi

This is a famous Austrian CNC spindle molder that can be used for all kinds of machining by changing the blade.

Also known as a 1-axis NC molder, it is capable of infinite processing with a variety of blades, from flooring production to surface material production, joint processing and tenon processing.

We have a version with rollers and two different fences, which we use for different purposes.



 ■FELDER Multi-axis boring machine (drilling)

Although it is an analog multi-axis boring machine, it is indispensable for drilling.

Air is used for angle adjustment and material fixing.

It is mainly used for processing shelf bracket holes and slide lengths.




■HEIAN Tenoner CNC

Used for door tenon removal and other male tenon processing.

Hundreds of types of data can be saved, and machining details can be easily recalled and set.

It is an old machine, but it is an indispensable machine.




■KYOWA grooving machine

It is an old-fashioned groove trimming machine.

It's an analog machine, but it's an indispensable machine.




■HIDAKA hydraulic square chisel machine

This machine is also an analog machine with a simple structure, but it is a machine that punches square holes.

It is an indispensable machine when processing the female hole of tenon.




■FELDER bag filter dust collector

It is a machine like a large vacuum cleaner that is connected to all machine tools with ducts and sucks up dust.

A bug filter is installed inside and the exhaust is very clean.

It is a machine that contributes to cleaning the air in the workshop.




■FELDER briquette machine

This machine produces artificial firewood only by compressing the dust collected by the dust collector without using any adhesives. Sawdust from industrial waste is reborn as energy.

We provide it to customers who use wood stoves, fuel for pizza kilns, campfires, etc.