Bog wood(JINDAI Wood)

 Wood buried in the ground thousands to tens of thousands of years ago due to volcanic activity is called the age of the gods when it is accidentally unearthed due to land development, tunnels, road maintenance work, etc.
Starting with cedar, it covers all kinds of timber that was flourishing at the time, such as pine, horse chestnut, chestnut, tamo, and camphor.
Apart from volcanic activity, there are also materials deposited on riverbeds due to earthquakes, mountain tsunamis, river floods, and sea tsunamis.

JINDAI is wood that has been semi-carbonized over a long period of time without rotting due to fungi or insects, as fallen trees are buried in water, volcanic ash, earth and sand, etc., and cut off from oxygen.


The material is brittle due to carbonization and has a slightly bluish gray color. The material that has been carbonized for tens of thousands of years becomes coal.





There are many tree species that grow on flat ground, and keyaki, Nire, ash, cedar, kaya, oak, katsura, etc. are mined.

It is a precious wood with a very high rarity value.