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Cutting board Holder Jointed(custom order)

Cutting board Holder Jointed(custom order)

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A cutting board holder made for drying and storing used cutting boards.

It is a chopping holder that is joined with two bars.
Hinoki wood is used for the base part, and Japanese cherry are used for the connecting material.
The cutting board can be fitted into the groove of the holder, and the cutting board can be erected for drying and storage.

■Single   One board holder.
■Double    Two board holders.
■Triple         Three board holders.

Japanese cypress, which is the same material as the cutting board of Hanabusa, is carved from solid and manufactured on a semi-order basis so that it can correspond to the thickness of the cutting board you have.

Please let us know the thickness of your current board.

The chopping board in the photo is not included in the product.


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