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HANABUSA Knife stand (3 steps type)with Sakai Takayuki.

HANABUSA Knife stand (3 steps type)with Sakai Takayuki.

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Magnet type

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A knife stand made of solid ebony and solid Japanese cherry.
Unique design and production method.
When you pick it up, you will be overwhelmed by their solid feeling.
Designed by Wood Chef(Eiji Tsuji) to protect your knife and make it look beautiful.
Urethane rubber is provided on the bottom to protect against water droplets.

In addition, there are two types: a stealth magnet specification in which a magnet is embedded in the pillar on one side, and a non-magnet specification.

With the stealth magnet specification, the magnet insertion part cannot be determined even when viewed from any angle.
You can find it when you bring metal close to it.

Custom orders are possible. (Material, finish, size, wood branding, etc.)

These products are also used in SAKAI TAKAYUKI knife stands.

■Size   W275mm×D197mm×H280mm(W10.8inch×D7.8inch×H11inch)   

■Weight   1100g 

■Material   Ebony solid wood and Japanese cherry solid wood

■Finish Silica-based water repellent finish. (Cherry and Ebony)

■Finish Non painted (Hinoki and Cherry)


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